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Please take three minutes to see if this curriculum will work in your school:

Yes No   Do you agree that "all Scripture - the entire Word of God - is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness..." ( 2 Tim 3:16-17 KJV)
Yes No   Do you agree that it is therefore logical and scriptural that the Christian school should teach the entire Bible, cover-to-cover, as far as possible and feasible?
Yes No   Do you schedule 4 or 5 fifty-minute Bible classes per week or equivalent?
Yes No   Is your school currently using a published Bible curriculum for Bible class in grades 9 and above? (I.e. not one of your own, or the teacher's design.)
Yes No   Does your school have the goal of developing lifelong Bible readers and students of the Bible from cover to cover?
Yes No   Would your school be attracted to a curriculum in which its students read the entire Bible during just 2 school years - including daily comprehension quizzes?
Yes No   Would a well-structured daily lesson plan for Bible instruction, which seeks to use every minute to good advantage, appeal to your school?
Yes No   Would you be interested in Bible curriculum which can be very effective with any Bible teacher - beginner to very experienced?
Yes No   Would your school consider a complete Bible curriculum which can be taught without a great deal of intensive Bible knowledge on the part of the teacher?
Yes No   Does your Bible teacher have limited time to prepare for oral instruction due to teaching several grade levels or several subjects?
Yes No   Would you be drawn to the advantages of a Bible curriculum which is primarily focused upon direct student interaction with the text of the Bible through concentrated reading, rather than a lecture-based approach?
Yes No   Would your students, parents and Bible teacher find advantageous the use of a Bible curriculum which requires very little homework?
Yes No   Would a focus upon reading and understanding the text of the Bible in its intended literal sense, with an openness to the doctrinal emphasis of the school be considered advantageous?
Yes No   Would you like to significantly improve the achievement levels of your students on the annual standardized test of Bible knowledge?

If you checked YES on most of the above questions, Read Thru The Word would well suit your need and help you to exceed your student goals in Bible instruction. You should also expect your students' Bible achievement test scores to significantly improve by the time they complete the two year course. Thank you for considering this unique Bible curriculum.