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The KJV Glossary & Bible Dictionary has been created as a helpful study companion for the King James Version of the Holy Bible. It was specifically designed to accompany the Read Thru The Word Bible Curriculum, KJV editions, but will be very useful for anyone who prefers to read and study the King James Version. The one hundred seventy pages of alphabetical notes, definitions, and comments were taken from twelve or more sources, plus seven Bible translations.

How the KJV Glossary & Bible Dictionary came into being: This glossary was built by the author starting with a non-copyrighted online KJV glossary which contained 154 archaic words by Mr. Richard Power. This glossary is no longer online. This glossary, however, became an integral part of the total glossary for use by teachers and students of the Word of God. Each entry has a source reference, usually at the end, with endnote documentation. The total glossary now includes over 1100 words and phrases taken from the KJV. It is provided to aid anyone who wishes to use it in their understanding of the literal meaning of the text of the KJV Bible. There are just four pages of introduction to this book. The remainder is the 170 pages, alphabetically arranged, of all the vocabulary words chosen for the KJV editions of Read Thru The Word Bible Curriculum.