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The doctrinal position of Read Thru The Word BIBLE CURRICULUM.

This curriculum was written from somewhat of an eclectic doctrinal viewpoint, so as to be useful and supportive of the essential doctrines held by a broad spectrum of orthodox, evangelical, fundamental, and reformed Bible-teaching schools, colleges, and home schools. The goal is primarily to give students the earliest possible exposure to reading for themselves and literally comprehending what is contained in the entire Word of God. Stated another way, our aim is to assist students to gain a complete overview of the contents of the Bible, with the focus being simply a literal comprehension of what God has said to His people. There is no intent to "indoctrinate" students to anything other than what the Bible actually says. It is intended that those who use this curriculum will find that it will further the universal goal among all who profess to follow Jesus Christ that our students should begin a lifetime of hearing, reading, studying, memorizing, meditating upon - and at maturity - teaching the Word of God to others so that believers may be built up in the historic and true Christian faith, and that God may be glorified.

The major assumptions which can be identified throughout this curriculum are:

  1. The aim is to read and understand the text of the Bible in its intended literal sense, with no special doctrinal emphasis.
  2. There is one primary interpretation for any specific passage of Scripture, but often many legitimate applications. We focus upon the intended primary literal interpretation.
  3. The best interpreter of the Bible is the Bible itself, comparing Scripture with Scripture.
  4. Any obvious over-emphasis upon doctrines known to divide believers has been avoided.
  5. If a topic is in the Bible it is subject to being included in quizzes and tests.