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MATH LAB - 67 stepped math fact tests

  • A system for individualized student mastery of the basic number facts
  • Classroom tested and utilized for many years at various grade levels
  • Individual student progress on a daily basis
  • Daily drill and testing using only five minutes of class time.

Without the complete mastery of the number facts many students who fully understand the mathematical concepts taught will still feel inadequate or will fail in math because they have not been required to accomplish the first priority for successful achievement in math.

Topics Common to Both Options
Unified Mastery Program
Individualized Mastery Program
Certificates of Mastery
Parent Letter and Reply Form
Class Record Charts
Classroom Coordinator Weekly Schedule Form
Included in the accompanying Carry File:
Overhead Transparency Masters - 51 sheets
Test Keys - 67 sheets
Test Masters - 67 sheets

Students love Math Lab! Once you begin to use Math Lab in your classroom or school, you won't dare skip a day. Students will ask "When are we going to do Math Lab?" They find the daily five minute timed tests (actual time limits vary by grade) to be challenging and rewarding in themselves because they can see daily progress.

Purchasers of Math Lab have direct support available from the publishers via telephone, mail, or e-mail on a continuing basis. We'll be glad to answer questions, offer suggestions, or do anything we can to make your use of Math Lab a big success at your school.

The first edition of Math Lab has been built to last. We used Pendaflex Premium hanging file folders, and printed the entire lab on 32 pound laser paper. You should be able to use these masters for many years. In addition, the original purchaser has the right to make a set of permanent backup masters for future use.