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Study Guide for Luther on Human Will

This 116 page Study Guide is designed to assist students in a Bible class using Luther On Human Will as the textbook. It is an 8 1/2" x 11" workbook. It includes two full pages of detailed contents, with two to four pages of quiz questions for each chapter of the text. The quizzes are designed to get the student to dig deeper than would occur with just a reading of the text. Each quiz is different type: Fill- in-the Blank quotes from the text, True / False questions, Multiple Choice questions, short essay questions, etc. In addition, in some of the Study Guide lessons there are brief discussions of specific points related to the topic at hand, and which supplement Luther's text. There are one to three blank lined pages for the student to write notes, or questions related to the chapter, or topics to bring up during class discussion. There are two Final Tests: Form A is a short essay type test (3 pages). Form B is a multiple-choice test (4 pages). The weekly homework quizzes and the final tests are provided for any use which suits the instructor, such as to provide a grade for a college level class.

Teacher Key for Study Guide

The 116 page Teacher Key is available as a help to the instructor of a class using Luther On Human Will and the Study Guide as the texts for the course. It is an exact copy of the Study Guide, but with answers for all of the objective-type quizzes: T / F, multiple choice, fill-in-the blank, etc. It also has page references where the correct answers are located in the text. It does not have suggested answers for the short essay questions.