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The Bondage of the Will

A thoughtful, careful, and complete editing of the full text of The Bondage of the Will by Martin Luther based upon the original Latin text of De Servo Arbitrio, as translated by Henry Cole in 1823. The primary goal in the complete editing of this public domain manuscript has been to update the text into twenty-first century English as far as possible without altering the theology or expression of Luther. This 500th Anniversary Edition has been completed so as to provide the basis for a completely new and unique abridged presentation of Luther's essential teaching in a much more succinct and focused volume. That book is entitled Luther on Human Will. It is also available at this website.

  • Is a person's will active in making a decision to follow Jesus Christ, and is his will the impulse which brings about the new birth, or is God's sovereign will the key instrument which works to take a person from spiritual death to spiritual life?
  • Is true conversion to Christ a matter of the Holy Spirit's drawing, but the person's will giving assent to that work to complete the regeneration?
  • Is true salvation ninety-nine percent God's work and one percent man's work?
  • Is it logical to think that a person whose spiritual birth is a gift from God could become unborn spiritually?
  • Could it possibly be that regeneration precedes faith for salvation?

The chapter divisions of Cole's translation of Martin Luther's work have been retained. Let it be clear that this newly edited text is based entirely upon the original text of The Bondage of the Will, the public domain manuscript which was translated by Henry Cole in 1823. It has been significantly edited to bring the language somewhat into the twentyfirst century, but with every intent to convey only Luther's thoughts.

Formatted for eye appeal and easy reading. 6" x 9" trade with 12 point text. 278 pages.

Translator's Preface
Luther's Introduction
Erasmus' Preface Reviewed (Section 1*)
Erasmus' Scepticism (Sections 2-6)
The Necessity of Knowing God and His Power (Sections 7-8)
The Sovereignty of God (Sections 9-27)
Exordium (Sections 28-40)
Discussion: First Part (Sections 41-75)
Discussion: Second Part (Sections 76-134)
Discussion: Third Part (Sections 135-166)
Conclusion: (Sections 167-168)
Editing Notes:

* Section numbers are taken from the original Cole manuscript, but have been edited out in this edition.